Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Work In Progress Week 4

I've made a couple quilts before.  Quilts take a lot of time and a lot of patience.  There are a lot of pieces involved and each small piece needs to be placed precisely... it's just a long process.  It's definitely not one of my favorite crafts; regardless, I do it anyway.  I made this quilt a couple years ago:

It took me about 6 months (It doesn't take everyone that long).  But I LOVE IT.  I think it's the greatest thing on earth, and probably my very favorite thing that I have made. Ever.  It's a scrap quilt and that is one of the best things about it.  I paid about $20 for everything (I had to buy fabric for the backing, batting, and thread for quilting).  That's insane! Quilting is a very expensive hobby.  So once I finished this scrap quilt I HAD to start another one... or two... or three.  Let's start with one...  

Already it's not coming together like I had hoped, but honestly, neither did the last one and I'm crazy about it now, so I'll just keep moving forward on this bad boy until it's done.

Idaho Etsy Team

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