Monday, October 31, 2011

What's In My Bag?

Let's do this thing.

This is my purse:

Brenna Bag

I made it! It's super cute. You can get one here.

Here's what's currently in it:

1. COUPONS!!!! I gather them and keep them in one of the pockets so that they are always with me. Obviously by the size of the stash I am not an extreme couponer. But I like to save, especially on fabric.

2. Notepad from Two Poodle Press.  Have I mentioned how much I love lists?!? I love lists. I also love prints of old-timey guns. weird.

3. One Lazy Mondays logo pen. One free pencil from a round of golf I played recently.

4. My phone. The case sucks. Does anyone know where to get cute cases for an iPhone 3GS? Once the iPhone 4 came out all cute cases for the 3 disappeared. :(

5. Business checkbook.

6. My huge wallet. I could fill another post entirely with the contents of my huge wallet.

7. Reusable sleeve for my random coffee runs. Made by FancyFunkyFresh and purchased during the last Cute Stuff Sale.

8. New price tags and hang tag safety pins for the bags I sell in stores. You never know when you might have a price tag emergency ;)

9. My business cards and another business card I picked up.  It's cute huh? I like those mini business cards from Moo.

10. Hair bands. The trouble is that when I actually need them I can never find them. ugh.

11. Random bouncy ball I won my husband won and then gave to me when we went to the movies last week.

12. Kindle. I love this little device, and my Dad and Step-Mom bought me this amazing case for my birthday (because I am constantly dropping it). Isn't it beautiful?

13. Lotion. I can't stand dry skin.

14. Loyalty punch card from Moxie Java and a to-go menu from my favorite sushi restaurant, Simple Sushi. Because you just never know when a craving for sushi on the go might happen...

15. Medium Zippered Pouch.  Which brings me to:

Medium Zippered Pouch
It's a little faded from extreme use.  Here's what we've got inside:

1. Gum. I got addicted to mentos gum on my last vacation. Love it.

2. Breath mints.

3. Floss - can you tell I'm serious about dental hygiene?

4. Lens cleaning cloth - streaky glasses suck.

5. Two lip balms, both from LilacAve (I have two more at home too, hehe).

6. Mini first aid kit - bandaids, antibacterial wipes, asprin, you know...

7. Moist towelettes that I stole from Famous Daves and Buffalo Wild Wings... What? These things are fantastic.

8. Eye drops - crucial for contact lens wearers.

9. Hand sanitizer

10. Imodium - I don't think this needs more detail. Good. to. have.

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Roo {NiceGirlNotes} said...

I love and want most everything in your bag. I've got some Two Poodle Press stuff coming my way. :)

Kelly said...

I love your Kindle case! Such a pretty shade of green!

Suzana said...

About ten minutes ago I found out about a website that makes custom Iphone cases and also has some cute standard ones: you might find something you like there. :)

lazymondays said...

Suzana you are amazing! I am ordering a new case right now!

Suzana said...

I actually found it through a another great blog I read, you should check it out: the case she made is super cute.

Mandy Snell said...

Am I the only person who doesn't carry Pepto or Immodium at all times???

My wallet is also pretty well stocked... maybe that should be Roo's next linky party?

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