Monday, October 3, 2011

New Office!

My office is finished!  I am once again sane.  Check it out!

Let me take you through the stages of this room.  There have been a lot, and I really only photographed some.

2009 - We moved in and had random bookcases (there's another on the other side of the room) to put our stuff in.  It still wasn't enough and we had stuff in boxes.  It was awful and did not stay this way long.

2009 - We built custom shelving to accommodate my excessive piles of stuff.  Stained them black to match our furniture (mistake.  AND I don't have any pictures of the black shelving, but you can kind of see it in this picture).

2011 - We decide black was a mistake and paint it white instead.  This takes hours of sanding, then cleaning, then painting (roughly 4 coats!)

Then I decided that the desk and nook need some POP.  I downloaded this template from Jones Design Co. and applied it slightly differently in the two places.

Desk - Painted inside the lines

Nook - Painted along the lines

And here is what we ended up with!

Sewing Table


Shipping Station in the closet!
I'll admit, in the photos, the shipping station looks a bit... lack luster.  But I am crazy about it, having to pull out completely different items for shipping packages is a chore, and now they are all conveniently in one place.  Love it!

Oh, by the way.  This project took 27 days.  27 DAYS!  To move 5 feet (well, pretty much).  I can not express how it feels to finally be finished.  I am content :)


Isobel Morrell said...

Very satisfying it must be! Well done - may it inspire you in your future activities

Kim @justByou said...

It looks great! It's incredible to see before and after pics. All your hard work (and lots of coats of paint) really paid off. =)
from Blogging Buddies team

IdahoCrystal said...

I am so jealous! It's really lovely.

Sarah Bacchus said...

Wow well 27 days was worth it it looks beautiful! I wish I could afford to do something like this but being a college student its a bit more difficult ;] Good luck on your future crafting :D

lazymondays said...

Honestly it was an inexpensive project (considering the timeline... 2 years start to finish!). We designed and built all the shelving ourselves... and then repainted it. Definitely more than I could have spent when I was in college, but start to finish it was under $400.

likemyhat63 said...

You are SEW lucky!! (sorry bad pun). It is still my dream to have a sewing/craft room. I have gone from nothing to a corner of my laundry room, so I shouldn't complain!

You have a gorgeous work space! Enjoy!

Kamara Larry said...

Great office! I just love seeing what other people's work spaces look like. I love the cup of coffee it made me smile, I absolutely love it! I would love to have one in my craft room, although I think it would only fuel my starbucks addiction if I had it in my office. I probably wouldnt get any work done cause I would keep running to starbucks :) And the Shipping station is brilliant!!! I am always running around looking for tape, scissors, box cutter, packing paper, boxes, markers, labels, business cards, etc... which are all in different places and sometimes in different rooms. You created such a lovely space!!!

lazymondays said...

Thank you, I love the coffee cup! I painted it when I was completely high of an especially strong latte ;) But I just love it, it makes me happy to look at... and it does make me want coffee. haha!

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