Sunday, September 25, 2011

Office Update

You know I'm moving my office, right?

The painting has continued and I have lost all track of time.  I swear we started this project several years ago...  Anyway, here's how it looks today:

*cue scary "ree ree ree" music from Psycho*

Scary, I know.  But check out that shelving!  It is much improved.  I'm crazy and didn't take any before pictures, but you can kind of see what it might have sort of looked like at one time here.

But check out the other side of the room:

 Coming along nicely hmm?  Yes, I own a small library.  I had to give away LOTS of books to make this project work.  Doesn't my desk look awesome?  I got the idea from Jones Design Co.  I'm also putting this design in another area in the room but it will be applied slightly differently.

And I took a work break today to be ridiculous.

fist bumpin' my gnomie

I should remember to do this every day ;)  Have a great weekend everyone!


Faith Raider said...

that's so awesome. love your storage space!!

Anonvyox said...

Ah. Mah. Gah! You look seriously adorbz with your hair like that. I watched that video and it is a genius method. Love!

lazymondays said...

And it works! My hair just won't hold a curl for more than 10 minutes, but this lasted all day and I slept on it that night and it was curly the next day too. Crazy.

lazymondays said...

Thanks Faith! It will be awesome when it's finished. I'm really excited about it, but also really sick of the mess it has created in my life.

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