Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Embracing The Geek

I'm channeling my inner geek today.  I just found out that I can buy new episodes of Doctor Who on iTunes!  Apparently there have been 6 new episodes since I canceled DirecTV.  I am so behind.  While I really can't sit here and watch all six today (I wish); I will watch one, and then most likely have a Doctor Who mini marathon later this week while Ryan is at work (he does not share my affinity for all things Doctor... also, he may not be too pleased that I'm spending $2.99 an episode for this show...)

Anyway, here are some great Etsy finds for you fellow geeks and nerds :)

1. Doctor Who Hand Stamped Ring - Madman With A Box
2. The Angels Have The TARDIS Mug
3. Exploding TARDIS T-Shirt
4. Doctor Who Design Shoes
5. Doctor Who Collectible Ornament
6. Two Sonic Screwdrivers
7. Bad Wolf Hand Painted Mug
8. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Hand Stamped Necklace
9. Team Rory Necklace


pcfteam said...

Great finds!
My oldest is a dr. who fan too :)

Anna Gilhespy said...

Brilliant! Thank you so much for including our TARDIS :D You have missed some great episodes of Dr Who! Better get caught up quick!

Ann Rose Wilson said...

You managed to find a couple of Dr Who items that I haven't seen yet on Etsy! Thanks for the plug for my Madman ring, and here's a coupon code for you and your readers, for 15% off: WHOVIAN

Michelle said...

Awesome! I love Dr. Who too! My husband is a proud geek and he can't figure out what I like about the show, but I'm slowly getting him to watch it.

lazymondays said...

I got my husband to watch a couple shows, but he won't admit that he likes it ;)

lazymondays said...

Thanks! I do have pretty good Dr Who-radar ;)

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