Saturday, September 10, 2011

Does Not Compute. Shutdown Imminent.

Have you ever had so many things on your to-do list that you get completely frozen and don't know where to start?  That's me right now, only I have about 7 lists going, all full of... stuff.  I'm about to pull my hair out.  Last night I FINALLY got some work done!  I cut out 17 Brenna Bags and 13 Market Bags...  Yeah, like I said, lots. of. stuff.  I am participating in a large group sale soon and I've been working on getting my bags in a local shop (more to come on both of these!!!).  On top of all of that I am moving my office/studio!  (Don't worry, it's only moving 10 or so feet away).  This is a long-ass process.  We built shelving to go along two whole walls in my new office back when it was actually an office with a computer an everything... the computer now sits on my lap ;)  Anyway, we stained the shelving black, so while the storage was AMAZING you can imagine what it did to the light in the room... it pretty much swallowed it whole.  We have been painting it white for 3? 4?  I don't even know how many days now and it's finally starting to give.  It is looking really really bright and pretty, but it's such a long process!  Here's a little sneak peak:

We have about half mostly finished and are using the other half as drying racks while we paint piles and piles of shelves.  It's a work in progress; meanwhile, my current office looks like this:

It's been worse.  I am looking forward to having all that extra storage!

I have also been super busy giving my shop and blog a little makeover, also a long process.  But I've got help from some pretty cool people, so stay tuned for more cool changes!

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