Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Sneak Peak

I literally have not entered my office/workspace since mid July.  It has been a month!  I decided that I really ought to get back to work soon, so I went inside to get started and was horrified!  You'd think that I had been really busy or something because that room was a disaster, and my cat was clearly taking advantage of the space while I was away from it.  So I cleaned it up and decided to give you a little sneak peak of where the magic happens... ok so magic may be pushing it...

 My window.  This room has the greatest natural light of any in the whole house.  I'm really not sure why because there isn't a single corner in my house that is without access to a window.  This was a real problem that month that we didn't have blinds...

See that little air plant?  Adorable and completely un-kill-able.  Which is excellent for me, I got it from variousandassorted.  I think it may need a brother... Oh, and the card!  I'm not a cat abuser, the card was just super cute.  It reads:

"If this situation has you thinking four-letter words..."
"Here are a couple more... HOPE and HUGS"

I actually thought it was so adorable that I bought it for myself.  I'm that lame... I buy myself greeting cards. *sigh*

This is inevitable.  She knocks off the card and tries to eat my plant.  Thankfully she isn't successful... yet.

Here's my cork board.  My friend Julie gave it to me for my 18th birthday and I haven't changed the pictures since...  The plan was to put ideas/inspiration/projects, etc. up there.  This is how it actually looks.  This will be remedied soon, I just haven't been to a craft store in months *gasp*!!  It kind of got overwhelmed by all the business cards I wanted to stick up there.  But these business deserve cork board space for sure.  Here are a few, you should be sure to check them out.

A Remark You Made - where I get my amazing wooden buttons for The Sara Bag.
Green Beans and N Strings - provides me with the most gorgeous fabric labels.
Mill District - IET member.  She makes beautiful pictures frames
Buzz Planet - IET member.  My favorite product from her?  Laundry fizz!
Cyberoptix Tie Lab - I bought my dad this tie for Christmas last year.
My Posh Designs - I love her simple little headbands, they looked darling on my nieces!


Anonyvox said...

This reminds me, I have a couple of 40% off coupons for you from JoAnn's if you want them. E-mail me your address!

My air plant has two little babies on it right now. I should probably look up how/when to separate them from the parent.

lambs and ivy designs said...

I really did LOL when I read you buy yourself cards!
I must confess I have done that too!!

Lazy Mondays said...

@lambs and ivy - I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)

@Anonyvox - Thanks a bunch but right now those coupons would be completely wasted on me! I stocked up on fabric and then quit sewing... lol, so I don't need to go to Joanns for quite a while!

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