Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nampa Farmers Market

I dragged myself out of bed early on a Saturday morning so that Ryan and I could make it down to the Nampa Farmers Market before he had to go to work.  We have found a few gems there that we MUST keep going back for.  This week we bought lots of fresh veggies, BBQ sauce (the best in the universe... I would know), and fresh roasted garlic sourdough bread *drool*

I wish you could smell this ^ It takes real restraint not to rip into it like a dog.

I also ran into my fellow Idaho Etsy Team member Brandi from Buzz Planet.  She has a new bacon soap that is so fun!  I don't know how she stays in business because her soap lasts forever!  I have been using the same bar of soap for months.  Literally.  And I'm crazy about it. 

Last week I talked with Chris Zeller of Green Tuxedo Art and featured his work on the Idaho Etsy Team Blog, check it out!  He has a great story and some truly beautiful works of art.

AND My favorite yellow Brenna Bag was featured in Creative Nibble by Mouse Illustrations "Inspiration Friday" :D  I still have one in stock, and you can STILL get it for 20% off *gasp*  Use code "GIVEME20" at checkout, and have an amazing Saturday!


veronica.lynne said...

I am so impressed with your photography girl! Those pictures are awesome. You probably could sell the one of the delicious bread (I wish I could smell it too) to the buyer to use for advertising. Glad to hear all is well with you two.
Love, Mom

Lazy Mondays said...

Thanks Mom :) I ate a slice of the bread for lunch with some locally made butter from a different market that we frequent on Wednesdays. It was amazing. You should come visit soon ;)

Faith said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!! I wish I knew where the nearest farmers market was - today would have been the most perfect day for it!

Anonyvox said...

Bacon? Soap? I must go favorite this! Since I just bought new tires, my shopping will be pretty limited. Since the bacon soap lasts so long, maybe I should see what she can do about making me some bacon soap tires!

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