Saturday, June 4, 2011

Woah... Free?!

I am making some changes!  To the Everyday Tote to be exact.  You will be so happy with the bag that is replacing it.  So happy.  It is super cute.  BUT I still have two Everyday Totes in my shop and in order to move on, they need to go.

Orange Everyday Tote

Yellow Striped Everyday Tote

The photos are atrocious, I apologize.  Really, I do.  These bags are super cute in person and I do not have the time to take new photos, so if you are willing to overlook my terrible photos you can score big time. Big. Time.
I am throwing in a FREE Market Bag for anyone who purchases one of these bags!  Free, people.  That's a $15 value!

A little about the Everyday Tote... These are excellent bags for vacation.  When I went on vacation last year my Everyday Tote went to the pool and beach and shopping with me daily.  Click on the photos for specifics.

AND since I only have one Messenger Bag left I will extend the special to include it too.

Blue Striped Messenger Bag

Again with the photos... Anyway, purchase this little cutie and get a FREE Market Bag!  I should mention that these are all currently on sale!  You don't even have to pay full price.  To recap:

Buy a Everyday Tote or Messenger Bag
Get amazingly fantastic discount
Get a free Market Bag
Revel in your awesome shopping prowess

1 comment:

Faith said...

SWEET!!! I just got my market bag and I LOVE IT!! perfect for keeping with me all of the time and SO cute that my daughter thought it should have been a birthday present for her!

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