Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Project #1

Since this is the first of many "Weekend Projects" I feel I should explain; after all today is Friday.  My weekends are never traditional, so the weekend could be any day of the week.  In this case it was Wednesday & Thursday.  Next week it will be Monday & Friday (kind of a sucky weekend split in half like that).  Anyway,

Remember that painting project I was talking about?

Here it is!

I found these wooden letters at Michaels for about $3.50 ea. but I had coupons!  I ended up getting all 8 for about $21, woot!

I am putting these in my house on  plant shelves that are up pretty high, so I knew I would need to elevate them a bit, and they needed something flat to sit on since the G and one of the E's weren't cooperating and kept falling down on the job.

We had some left over lumber from several projects (we are home renovating fools over here), and I had the hubs cut some 1" x 2" slats for me, and then nail them together (I'm a bit afraid of the nail gun...)

Voila!  Then I super-glued the letters to the frames, and painted them with some left over living room paint.

 With the letters all painted I added some green stripes, just to make them look more dynamic... everyone knows stripes=dynamic...

And there you have it!  FYI: I'm the nerd, hubby's the geek.  I wanted these to be really subtle, sort of like an inside joke, so I painted them the same color as the lower wall, and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Happy Crafting!

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RMC said...

These turned out great!!!
I found your awesome blog via the Who's Crafty Blog Hop!!

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