Saturday, April 9, 2011

Laundry Room Remodel

Alright so 3 weeks ago I worked my butt off making new bags and said, "This is just the first bunch of MANY.  I will post more weekly until I have at least 40 bags in my shop."  Well that obviously hasn't happened.  But I have a good reason, I swear!

When Ryan and I bought our house (our very 1st house as a matter of fact) we went a little crazy with home renovations.  We replaced the flooring in the ENTIRE house, gutted the bathrooms, painted etc.  Most of this was done without outside help too.  We have lived here for almost 2 years and the only room that remained unchanged was the laundry room.  Well that has been remedied.

Would you believe I don't have a single "before" photo!?!  I thought we took pictures of the entire house when we moved in because I'm a little obsessed with the "before" and "after", but I can't find one of the laundry room anywhere.  But just so you know just about everything in this photo is new (minus the washer and dryer).

This is the closest I can get.  In this photo we already removed the ugly linoleum and replaced it with travertine tile, replaced the baseboards as well, and put up the cabinets.  There was an ugly shelf there before, it was up too high and made the room look messy.  We hated it.... well, Ryan may have been indifferent, but I hated it.

In progress ^  It should also be noted that Ryan did all the tile cutting, and there are some really impressive cuts around all the ugly plugs 'n such.

And there you have a wall of tile!  We went all the way to the floor with it because the wall around the vent gets NASTY, and tile is super easy to clean, plus it was CHEEEAAP!  $0.26/tile at Lowes, and we had a coupon on top of that.

Next comes the wall of STORAGE!  My favorite part because I am obsessed with storage.

 It's not quite full yet, but I'm sure it will be.  Why do I have 5 dusters, you ask?  Because...  I just do, okay?

So I wasn't TOTALLY slacking, only sort of.  And as usual when we start another project the other rooms in the house become disaster areas.  So I took a cue from Angie at SeriouslyAHomeMaker and her 10 minute Mondays... only mine was on Thursday... 

One big (little) mess.

Exactly 10 minutes to kick its butt.
Pictures to prove it.
Walk away feeling like a rock star! 

 Pay no attention to the fact that it was actually 12 minutes... I really finished at 10, but then I lost my camera and ran around frantically trying to find it before the minute was up.
And I was so shocked with the results (it takes me hours to clean, people.  HOURS!) that I decided to do another room.

I kept my camera handy for this one ;)
 Anyway, now that the laundry room is finished and my house is once again clean I will be back to making hoards of handbags for you.  The hardest part is deciding what to make, what are your favorites?  What would you like to see more of?

And one final word of advice:  When remodeling your laundry room, make sure you have clean towels and underwear BEFORE you disconnect the washer and dryer......


Casey said...

Rita, you guys did an awesome job! Tiling is the one thing (of many, actually) that we haven't tried to DIY in our house. Electrical, yes; plumbing, yes; painting and wallpapering, yes. But not tile. I think it's the wet saw that scares me off.

Lazy Mondays said...

Thanks, Casey! I don't like any saw, they all scare me... except the jig saw, I'm pretty comfortable with that one. But actually the wet saw is pretty safe and easy to use, it just makes a big mess. It was a little scary cutting travertine with it because it's so dense but it went through ceramic really easy. Either way, Ryan is generally in charge of the power tools ;)

Miss Charming said...

I really like the idea of having tile in the laundry room. Good job!

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