Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Make A Simple Throw Pillow Cover

Do you want to change the look of your throw pillows without forking over $20-$40 on new ones?  Seriously, throw pillows are ridiculously over-priced.  I was getting sick of my old pillows so I bought some gorgeous Riley Blake Fabric from Fabric Designs, a fellow Idaho Etsy Team member, and decided to make my own.

1. Measure your pillow with the case off.  Mine was 16" square.  It's easiest if you measure right along the edge so that the stuffing isn't distorting the width.

2.  You have to take into account the amount of stuffing in your pillow for this measurement.  Mine was relatively flat so I knew that the pillowcase would need to be pretty snug in order to look fitted and not baggy, so I cut my fabric to a 16.5" square and used a 1/4" seam allowance.  If you had a particularly fluffy pillow you might want to add .5" to 1".

2a. Now is the time to add any embellishment to the front: applique, beads, buttons, embroidery, etc.

3.  Cut two pieces out for the back side.  It is good for these pieces to overlap a good amount.  I did a little piecing work on the back of mine because ultimately I was using the back as the front, but I would recommend cutting two pieces the width of the pillow (16.5" in my case) and tall enough to overlap by 3-4".  Mine are essentially two 16.5" x 12" pieces.  Then take one long side of each piece and double fold to hide the raw edge.

4. Sew a straight stitch up this edge to keep your folds in place.  Then lay out your pillow case: Full Front piece facing up, then one smaller piece face down on top of that.  Make sure the raw edge lines up with one of the raw edges of the top piece, then the other smaller piece over-lapping that.  Make sure the raw edge of this piece is directly across from the other back piece's raw edge.... like this:

5.  Then sew all the way around that puppy!  Clip the corners to reduce bulk and then flip it right side out.  I had some gorgeous natural wood buttons from Green Witch Designs, another Idaho Etsy Team member, and I was just dying to use them.  I sewed three to the back of the pillow case just for looks (thereby making it the front... it would work either way, I just love these buttons) they aren't holding the pillowcase closed.  Purely decorative.

I had some fabric left over (and another pillow to cover) as well as one more wooden button, so I decided to go crazy with another one!  Alright so it's not that crazy.

1. This time I cut my fabric to 17" square and then cut it diagonally into four pieces.

2.  Then sewed it all back together... It seems a little redundant but I wanted to very delicately distort the pattern in an organized way... you'll see.  If you wanted this to make more of a statement you could use two different kinds of fabric, or use a striped fabric... that would look cool.  Anyway, where was I?  Right!  Make sure you press all the seams flat.  Then repeat steps 4 and 5 above and you end up with this:

Cute, huh?  I sewed the extra wooden button I had right in the center of this one, just because I love it.  And this whole project took me about an hour and a half... for TWO!  And I was taking pictures the whole time.  I bet you could throw one of these together in about 20 minutes if you were determined, and this whole project cost about $15 for two!

Happy Crafting!


Christine said...

These look great! Love the fabric!

Lazy Mondays said...

Thanks, Christine! It is truly a quick and easy project.

Helena said...

What a great re-do! I also love love love the fabric! You're so talented! I wish I still had my old sewing machine. That is the only thing that keeps me from trying this. Take care! Thanks for the follow and I'm following back!

DeAnna Grimm said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my etsy shop, fabricdesigns. I appreciate it very much. The pillows look great. DeAnna

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