Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Habits and Ghost Stories

Ugghhh.... I'm tired today...  I was avoiding bedtime (as usual) and when I looked up it was 4:00am!!!  Now that's not quite as bad as it sounds, I usually pass out around 2ish.  It's not like I'm used to a 10pm bedtime or anything.  Remember when you were a kid and hated bed time?  Were you one of those kids?  I would fight it with everything I had, much preferring to slowly pass out on the couch in front of a movie, or wherever there was a good amount of noise.  In high school during the summer when my mom would let me stay up late I would sit on the couch eating animal cookies (those pink and white ones with sprinkles, member? mmmm) and watching I Love Lucy with the volume turned all the way down to 1 (the door to my mom's bedroom was right next to the tv).  Can any sane person actually hear the tv when it's on 1?  It didn't really matter, I have every episode of I Love Lucy practically memorized... fun fact!  Anyway, I seriously never outgrew this.  I am a grown woman and still like to fight bed time to the death!  So I decided I should put the computer away and go to bed.

The thing about going to bed at 4am is... the world is completely silent!  I'll admit, if you live in a city or near a hospital it's probably not, but around here, it's totally silent.  I decided to crack my bedroom window before bed and listen to the crickets or whatever.  But there were no sounds, not even traffic sounds, not even that really annoying dog that barks at his dog friend for no apparent reason with tireless zeal...  And then it came... the phantom cat....

I first heard this cat when I was staying up late reading Wizards First Rule (it's like my nerdy vice, I am so addicted to this series... yes, I am a giant nerd.  More on that later), I literally could not put this book down, so I stayed up until about 4:30 that night (morning).  Somewhere around 3something I heard a cat meowing, and it seemed to be getting closer, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from.  Then it sounded like it was right outside my front door*, and then it stopped.  This happened almost every subsequent night for about a month or so.  To this day, I have never seen this phantom cat but hear it meow 4 times each night (it should be mentioned that it's not a cute meow, this cat sounds sick.  Very, very sick).  Did I mention I love ghost stories?  And this story is 100% true.

Anyway, on the schedule for today:

  • A little painting art project that's been in the works for quite a while now (don't worry, I'll share it with you)
  • Fill a couple custom orders
  • Make chicken salad
  • Hang cabinets in the laundry room (that's right, I'm just that awesome)
  • Take a nap

*I totally originally spelled door "dore"  And then did it again when I was typing this footnote.  Clearly I am lacking sleep.

** I should probably also mention that I don't actually think the cat is a ghost, but it hardly matters.  At 3am when the world is silent... it's creepy.


Casey said...

Meow! *hack, gag* ;-)

Lazy Mondays said...

lol! Ya, something like that ;)

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